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We install electrical prepaid meter boxes in rented rooms, flats, mini factories, cottages, supermarkets, complexes, duplexes, simplexes, houses and more. Electricity being the major upset between landlords and tenants, SEPM combine parties for a long healthy relationship. We install for you to help reducing loadshedding. With 50% deposit we complete the whole installation same day. We capture your credentials including banking details so as to deposit the money to you monthly. It is an all gain because the electricity tripping will be something of the past. Somahhashi Energy Prepaid Meters "Handsome rewards at your doorsteps!!!"

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Message from Somahhashi Energy Prepaid Meters on June 12, 2016, 1:18 am
SEPM would like to hear from you out there concerning the free quotation and a possible installation. Please do get in touch any day and anytime


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Contact:Thabani Ngubane
Address:4821 Bulrush Street
Etwatwa West Ext 1
South Africa

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