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WSS- Wireless Sound Solutions is a well-established company specializing in sound equipment. The company is established in October 2008. The company is a husband and wife team, Antoinette and Stephan Vorster.  Together they have over 30 years’ experience in this field.

WSS- Wireless Sound Solutions is the importers of the very popular ClearVoice range.  This is the head microphone as well as the assistive listening device for your TV. WSS- Wireless Sound Solutions is also the importers of the Okayo Portable PA systems.

We also sell the Sennheiser Set 50TV, Set 840, RS2000 assistive listening devices. Normal wireless headphones are heavy, uncomfortable and become sweaty.  They are also designed for music. The above units are light and extremely comfortable.  They are designed to enhance your dialogue frequencies, therefore so much more clarity and detail.

Our mission is to find a solution to the client’s demands. We will try always to provide best prices, excellent service, and backup.  All the products that we sell carry a guarantee. We have active clients throughout South Africa and over the boarders. We use courier service for most of our deliveries overnight where possible.



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You will be heard with perfect clear sound


  • 100W power output (max)
  • Two-way speaker – 8” woofer and 1” tweeter – deliver great sound projection
  • Supports two Duo-receiver modules, allows 4 wireless microphones to operate concurrently
  • Duo-receiver provides SCAN function for a clear channel to use, and SYNC to target microphones at same channel as receiver
  • Various audio player modules for option – MP3, CD, DVD, pitch control or recording – at users’ choice
  • Indicators for charging and power status reading
  • Two power models – AC or Battery powered
  • Runs 4-6 hours on a charge (built-in battery charger)
  • Optional Audiolink transmitter module helps build large wireless coverage
  • Extension to a companion speaker


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Address:38 Collison Street
Manaba Beach
South Africa
South Africa
Telephone:039 3172816
Web page:w-s-s.co.za

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