WELCOME to adoptionsearchsouthafrica

Welcome to Adoption Search South Africa

We provide a registry or database for adopted and biological families searching for their loved ones. Please upload the details of your search or look through the registry, maybe someone is looking for you. 

Submission of information is free of charge.

Please update your contact details as soon as it changes.  Should someone recognise your search, we need to be able to contact you as soon as possible.

Should you require help with your search, we have an experienced team who would love to help you, without charging you a cent.

We are also able to connect you with social workers and psycologists should you need their services.

Unfortunately we are not able to help any child younger than 18.

We are keeping a register of the searcher's known information: date of birth, place of birth and name before adoption, names of biological parents, any known addresses etc. This info will be published on the website and shared on social media with the hope of someone recognising their details.

With your details on our register, the person you are searching for, might find you by doing a simple google search with their adoption details.

The contact details will be kept private and will only be shared with the specific persons' consent.

Adoption search South Africa is a team of people who is passionate about helping people reunite with their loved ones. 

Please empower us to help you! 

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