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Every day you go to work. Every day passes on the same way.
You can precisely predict your income and you know that in half a year you will be able to go on vacation for two weeks.

Time goes, and your great plans are replaced with poor and low-pitched desires and the dreams remain being dreams. You spend health and labour on earning money instead of enjoying all the pleasures of life.


New sport car, yacht, house on the seashore, round-the-world trip, help to other people. Have you ever thought “Why cant I have these things like other people do?”

LIVE, DREAM, CREATE - with kipi


Send this code or link to your friends or people you want to invite into community. If your code is used while registration by other participant you will automatically get bonuses for every dream participant creates.

Kipi - a community that helps realize your dreams by a confidential exchange between participants. Even the most cherished desires, which only yesterday seemed unattainable, can now be performed.

Trusted exchange

Everyone has dreams, but most of us have not been able to implement them. And all you need to do is set a goal and take the first step to determine the value of your dreams and provide at least some portion of it.
No matter how much it will be, you know that you already began to move towards your dream. This will be your first step. Everything else will be taken care of by Kipi.

Any of your dreams can be realized with the trusted exchange. To do this, you need to register in Kipi community and create a dream, indicating either its approximate cost, or part of it you are willing to provide for its fulfillment.
You will be given a member of the community, to whom you will be able to transfer the funds allocated for the implementation of your dreams, in exchange for Kipi - domestic community currency. Kipi will be credited to your account. After a period of time that you specify when you create a dream, you can simply click on the "fulfill the dream" and exchange Kipi, receiving from other participants sufficient funds for its execution.

You are probably wondering how we can realize dreams of such a huge number of people, because in the implementation of each dream a lot more money is needed than the party assigns in the beginning. It's simple. When you create a dream you exchange Kipi at one rate, and by the time the dream is fulfilled the rate is different. As a result, due to the growth of Kipi your dream will be realized. The growth rate is due to the steady increase in demand for our virtual currency, because of a steady increase in popularity of the community and, consequently, the flow of participants and applications for the execution of their desires. It is easy to assume that this will lead to a permanent increase in the exchange rate in the future as well.

Without going into details, let us take as an example of a well-known social networking site Facebook. The more people use it and the more popular it becomes, the higher is the value of the company. But all the profits are reaped by Mark Zuckerberg and the shareholders, while users can only post photos and share information. In case of Kipi all the participants get the benefits, they in fact are the ones who control the community.

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