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WELCOME TO RUFUS EVENTS.com Here is where change of life takes place...the Postive change of life. No idea what to do with your children! Feelings of being stuck in different situation! Need to bring the spark, the spice or zest back in your married life! You get different shows, that act as guidance for these above issues in your life, i admit, Get on my site and just experience something different.

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Message from Allison on July 4, 2016, 4:52 am
How do you feel about kiddies and parents?!
Informative & Fun tips for Mom and Dad. When do you win with your kids! You cannot go wrong with instilling boundaries for your child/ren. Boundaries not only just gives you the athourity over your children, but it allow you and your spouse space. Video will be available soon! Feeding time! Can be difficult because children tend have a mind of their own. Next time when you feed your child/ren take the time to turn feeding time into an..adventure;'Girls' like fairytales and 'Boys' like motors. Use your imigination. Video will be available soin!


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