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From a young age it was instilled in me that my hair is not beautiful, hard to manage and not good enough if not blonde or straight. It was never my parents fault. They were never taught how to take care of our hair so it was never their fault. I would never let go of my damaged relaxed no matter how bad they looked. If you had told me that l was to cut my hair in June 2016 l would have told you you are lying. It's only when l saw blackish that l realised natural hair is beutiful and amazing and told my boyfriend to get the scissor and cut off those damages relaxed ends after transitioning for 3 months and 2 weeks. I created this website to offer advise and help others be able to handle their hair. As I learn I share. Let's grow hair together as a sisterhood.

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Contact:Rudo Maneya
Address:1080 Prospect streert
Hatfield Pretoria
South Africa
Web page:www.naturalhairbeginner.co.za

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