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Finding a job is extremely difficult given the state of our economy and the competition. Someone might be thinking, atleast you are looking for a job.....but I am struggling with my studies, I have difficulty understanding acertain subject. And then there is someone out there with an excellent business idea but no start up capital. While someone else has started their business and needs to expand their customer base.

This is a platform to share ideas. Let us work together in the spirit of Ubuntu(humanity) to build a better South Africa. As it is affectionately known, sharing is caring. I believe that we do care. Izandla ziyahlambana(one hand washes the other), so please take time to help out. Your input is valuable, your ideas are great. They can help build this country. Be part of something bigger than just yourself. Make a difference.

Let your light shine. The future of this country is bright. You know why? Because you are the future 

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Contact:Mphathiswa Rubhushe
Address:Lindile A/A
P.O Box 95
South Africa

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