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An indigenous knowledge student who enthusiastic, dedicated, Reliable, trustworthy, numerate and meticulous and versatile young person with an outstanding academic background and excellent attitude to work. Highly motivated, reliable with experience, willing to work in your company and gained a good understanding of what is required and able to work on own initiative or as part of a team and can deal with administrative duties competently

Prepared, Proven and Passionate Servant-Leader. Mompati Chakale is the third year student at north west university mafikeng campus in the field of Bachelor degree in Indigenous knowldge systems, he is also the chairperson of the working group committee of Kopano Youth Club located in morokweng village. mompati beleve in the continue open learning particiaptory community. a young leader with intention of bring a radical transformation through the using of indgenous knowldge systems . 

mompati have served in multiple environment as a leader and continue to embrace the people participation as a for of grow, projects that are intend to bring transformation and be informative at the sametime give fruits to the community is his main focus. 


mompati is open minded, traiblazer, and full focus to the development of africa. 


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Personal details

Surname  CHAKALE


Gender      MALE 

Identity number   AT YOUR REQUEST 

Residential address R2255 Lokalaneng Section , Morokweng

Cellular number     0735390524

E-mail address

Home language      setswana 

Other language proficiency     english 


Academic details

Tertiary Education

Institution  North West University 

Course   bachelors in indigenous knowldge systems 

Current year  3 year student 

Secondary education

School  setswakgosing high school 

Year    2010 

Qualification    NSC with exemption 

Work Experience

Name of company   kagisano molopo IEC 


Year   2014 

Duration of service  THREE DAYS 


(a) assist the presiding officer in the exercise of the presiding officer's powers and the performance of the presiding officer's duties; and

(b) Exercise the powers and must perform the duties conferred on or assigned to a voting officer by or under this Act.

(c ) assist the presiding officer in the counting procedures

Name of company KAGISANO MOLOPO IEC 


Year 2016 

Duration of service TWO DAYS 


The Presiding Officer is responsible for the efficient management of the voting and counting process at a voting station.

Co-ordinate and supervise the voting processes at the voting station to ensure that the election at the voting station is free and fair

Ensure orderly conduct at the voting station. This includes ordering the removal of a person whose conduct is not conducive to a free and fair election.

Co-ordinate and supervise the counting of votes and the determination of the result of the voting station to ensure that the election at that voting station is free and fair.

Exclude from the voting station, if necessary, any person other than: staff of the Electoral Commission, agents entitled to be there, a ward candidate, an accredited observer, a voter for the purpose of voting and the number of party candidates that can comfortably accommodated in the voting station .

Transferable skills

Computer skills and knowledge

I have a good working knowledge of the following: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, E-mail

Communication skills

Verbal skills: I have ability to communicate well with different people at different situation, place and time within the working environment.

Writing skills: am able to present my work in the written form

Interpersonal skill: I have ability to speak, write and present myself fluently and immaculately gas enable me to have goof interpersonal relation with different people.

Leadership skills: I have serve in different position at high school I was the Learner Representative Council in the school and area office level, president of youth organisation and superintendent of youth program at church.


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Contact:Mompati chakale
Address:R 2255
lokalaneng section
South Africa

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