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We give your dignity back, fight for your rights. We protect your legal rights and fight for your wealth. Looking for someone who understand your needs? Look no further, we are always here for you.

Most people don't know their rights. It may be in the employment, were the employer treat you like a tool, don't be ashamed it happens to everyone one just contact us and we will be at your services. 


Labour law;

Legal writing;

Legal research;




Internet research;

Legal assistance.

We give our services to on an affordable fee, our company will take care of your legal needs while you are busy with your daily activities. Never stress yourselves with legal issues, we got it covered.

We care about you!

We care about giving a peace of mind, knowing that your concer. Our responsibility.

Thabiso Hlongwane Legal Services (Pty) Ltd, is a Paralegal Firm not a law firm. we give you all the legal assistance you need. With us, you will never have to look elsewhere. We bring justice to those who need it most. We are here for you every step of the way, you don't have to do it. We will do it for you.


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Contact:Thabiso Phillemon Hlongwane
Address:882n Bluegumbosch

South Africa

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