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Welcome to ...The Pecan Post 15


Passionate about our environment, and born with a love for beautiful things...we decided to create or shall we say recreate from tired and used items, spruce them up to sell and enjoy all over again.

Relieving some of the strain placed on our planet, we bring enjoyment to tiny hands and small to large homes~

Lost in a world where our children, are closed in by technology, we have crafted games and activities for little hands to learn and grow. Used tins, are transformed into one of a kind herb gardens, stationery holders and whatever the mind chooses to create from it.

Baby bottles to pin cushions and button holders, who would have thought! The love of the game, is each piece is unique and hand made. The best part? Well since so many pieces are recycled, the costs are low!!!

Little coasters, that look like pallets. Table Napkin sets. This site will amaze you with products, and keep you curious as to what on earth next!


Comfort is second nature, we will be looking at clothing designs that are easy to make but do not only leave you feeling as though you were garbed in glamour, but that you would feel as comfortable as in your own skin! Somehow....we just need to get back to some basics!

Our secret product! Well keep tuned, theres a clue in the pecan~

Hope you will enjoy the journey with us from Gauteng to Northern Cape, where we tour in between and carry all our clever little idea's made with loads of love~


Maybe thats the secrect....all the love!




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