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 Angel Wings


                           "it was not my choice to be born....

                  "but it is.... my right to live!!"



To support and provide assistance to abandon babies/children and to ensure their wellbeing

Our Mission

The mission for Angel Wings is to create, find and support all programmes that will directly improve the safety, health and wellbeing of abandon babies and children. Guiding us in our mission are our core values:

Focusing on the critical needs of abandon babies and children

To provide a safe place in a family orientated environment with proper care and protection

Staying true to the sole purpose of protecting and prevent neglect and abuse against innocent abandon babies/children

Celebrating the life of an abandon baby/child and confronting cruelty against babies/children

Operating with accountability, dignity, respect and transparency

Our Vision

It is our believe that when you change a baby’s or a child’s life, you change a family which can change a community and ultimately safe the life of a baby/child

As pioneers of providing baby/child centred care Angel Wings strives to be part of the solution in improving the lives of abandon babies and children by providing safe care and protection in times of need

Our Strategies

Expanding our Reach: by creating help and support programs

Strengthening our global network: through staff development and ensuring the financial sustainability of Angel Wings and its support to the community

Mobilising Support: to increase the understanding of Angel Wings programmes , and thereby allowing us to support more abandon babies and children around the country

Adoption Programme: ensure that all abandon babies have equal opportunities to be adopted into a well selected and approved family structure with the help and guidance of a registered Social Worker


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Contact details for Angelwings

Contact:Annemie Schoeman
Address:Matroosberg Street
South Africa

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