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Welcome to BIO MotionTech (BMT)

BIO MotionTech is an eco-friendly company that strives to create a carbon dioxide free environment and less green house effects environment by converting the organic waste left on farms, household food wastes and municipal waste to biogas energy that is used for cooking, lighting and future electricity generation. By collecting the waste material left on farms, households and municipal; Bio motionTech not only produces biogas and ferilisers as primary products but we also take part in the reduce carbon dioxide organisations by planting more trees using our fertilisers as catalysts. In the mission to produce electricity by using biogas, Bio MotionTech has to pass several milestones in order to be able to be well know in several local communities. First, we have to get rural residents to use our biogas product for cooking in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emmission by 60%. Secondly we have to let them know about the benefits of using biogas and why should they also use it for lighting. Last but not least, we have to get our product to a large market by selling biogas to the currenct electricity users and try to generate elecrticity for rural/local residents so that they can also be able to use it for other purposes like recharging their electronics, refrigerate and more.

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Contact:David Sibiya
Address:2638 section I

South Africa

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