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At, we provide the tools that enable members to promote their business on the internet and to drive traffic to their personal web sites. This service is offered free of charge for our standard package and is open to anyone using the internet. We cannot verify the information published to by members and therefore rely on members reading, accepting and conforming to our terms and conditions before creating a site on Our terms and conditions clearly state that we do not allow illegal behaviour or copyright and/or trademark infringement. It also states that we adopt a zero tolerance approach to such infringements.

If you believe that any site hosted on infringes your copyright or trademarks, please complete the form below and we will remove the infringing site in its entirety. Please be aware that you need to provide a valid contact name,email, address and telephone number in addition to detailed information as to why you believe that there is a copyright infringement. Providing us with complete information will help us to investigate your inquiry.

Please submit a separate notice for each site where you believe that there is an infringement.

Please be aware that a redacted copy of your request may be sent to  the Chilling Effects project ( for publication and annotation.

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